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Virtual Motion Labs is the global leader in professional, adaptive data gloves. VML’s products include four different data glove solutions – the 5 sensor VMG Lite™, 10 sensor VMG 10™, 30 sensor VMG 30™ and the 35 sensor VMG 30 Plus™ (vibro-tactile). VML also provides both software and a VMG software development kit (SDK) which produces detailed finger, hand and arm movement allowing users to interact with their virtual environment in real-time.

Our data gloves can be used in many different applications, from robotics to animation, virtual reality, innovative games, rehabilitation and much more.

In addition to our existing product line we offer a complete data glove design and manufacturing service.

Bring your custom data glove idea to us. From the start we can design and manufacture both hardware and software  to your exact specifications.

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Some of our latest clients:


U.S. Department of Defense

Bowie State University

The University of Houston – Victoria

The University of Wisconsin

The University of Sheffield – UK

VIA University College – Denmark

The University of Texas – San Antonio

Bowie State University

The University of Minnesota

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